Weight Loss Tool - Extract Of Garcinia Cambogia Fruit
- Feb 09, 2018 -

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Garcinia cambogia fruit is an arbor of the dicotyledonous family. It is also known as malaka, and its fruit is yellow with plant species. The size of the fruit of the Garcinia is almost the same as that of the oranges. The outer surface is similar to that of the pumpkin, and there are several longitudinal grooves. Born in the wet jungle of low hills and sloping fields, its origin is South Asia. For centuries, southern India and Thailand have been widely planted as fruit type herbs. Biohealth products, extracted from the fruit of Garcinia, are popular throughout the world and are often used to reduce weight. The main component is hydroxy citric acid (HCA).

Because the fruit is too acid to be used directly, it is used as a sour agent in cooking. The reason is that the fruit's peel contains a large number of hydroxyl citric acid (HCA), a very active substance. A lot of studies have proved that the substance can effectively reduce the weight loss. In the extract of garcinia cambogia, the content of HCA is about 20%-60%. In the study, it is pointed out that the content of 50%-60% can best reduce the fat.

The mechanism of the extract of garcinia cambogia fruit to reduce weight

There are two main aspects:

1. The extract of garcinia cambogia fruit can effectively control appetite:

In animal experiments and human tests, the extract of garcinia cambogia fruit significantly increased satiety, thereby controlling appetite and reducing energy intake. However, there have been some controversies about why the extract of garcinia cambogia fruit can increase the feeling of satiety, but it has been confirmed in animal experiments and human experiments that a key intermediate factor, five hydroxytryptamine (serotonin), has been proved to be able to cause five hydroxyl in the brain. The level of tryptamine increased, and the content of the cerebral cortex and synapse of five serotonin was high. It was also an inhibitory neurotransmitter. In the peripheral tissue, 5- serotonin was a strong vasoconstrictor and smooth muscle contractile stimulant. Studies have shown that when serotonin increases, the secretion of digestive enzymes in the body decreases, and the body's satiety is enhanced by [5].

2. HCA can effectively control the formation of fat, Especially the accumulation of abdominal fat

In this link, the main role of the material, after research by researchers found that the activity of ATP- citric acid lyase activity changes, ATP- citric acid lyase (English: ATP citrate lyase, directly referred to as citric acid lyase) is an important step in the fatty acid biosynthesis of an important step of the enzyme. This step occurs in fatty acid synthesis because ATP- citrate lyase is a bridge between sugar metabolism (productivity) and fatty acids production. ATP- citrate lyase is responsible for producing the major enzyme of acetyl coenzyme A in the cytoplasm of many tissues. The enzyme is a four polymer composed of four apparently equal subunits. Its product acetyl coenzyme A is used to provide multiple biosynthetic pathways, including fat synthesis and cholesterol synthesis. It is activated by insulin, and ATP- citric acid lyase is also responsible for catalyzing the conversion of citric acid and coenzyme A into acetyl coenzyme A and acetoacetic acid. This process is accompanied by the hydrolysis of ATP, which is called the citric acid transfer system for the transport of acetyl coenzyme A from mitochondria to the cytoplasm.

The extract of garcinia cambogia fruit can effectively inhibit the secretion and activity of ATP- citrate lyase, so it can effectively restrict the synthesis of fatty acids, especially the accumulation of abdominal fat. In addition, the extract of garcinia cambogia fruit can also effectively improve the metabolic rate of fatty acids in the human body. It is pointed out that the intake of the extract of 2800mg can increase the catabolic function of fatty acids by about 25%.

February 9, 2018