A New Focus On Cognitive Health Products
- Feb 02, 2018 -

5 weeks of 2018


With the increasing awareness of cognitive health and the coming of an aging society, cognitive food is becoming more and more popular among consumers. It is expected that in the next few years, the products that promote brain function will grow strongly.

In the food industry itself, products that promote cognitive function (intelligent products) have gradually acquired their identity. Many materials that promote cognitive function have also been used in many products, such as pre exercise products and other health products. These products, while playing their major health benefits, can also promote cognitive function and brain health, and play a synergistic role.

Products that promote cognitive function help to improve attention, help memory, improve learning ability and maintain brain health. Caffeine and theanine are known as cognitive stimuli, and their effects on improving attention and mental health have been confirmed by research. Adding it to sports nutrition products can also enhance athletic performance and improve attention. Besides, enhancing emotional control is also a major factor in cognition promoting products. Enhancing emotional control can provide better energy, stronger self-confidence and better cognitive ability.

In promoting the development of cognitive functional products, all kinds of capsules, powder products and nutrition sticks have appeared, and are also simple, convenient, easy to carry and other characteristics, to meet the needs when the needs can be used. But in the development of new products, drinking beverages will become the next obvious choice. In the current instant drinks, all kinds of tea drinks and enhanced sports raw materials such as amino acids and B vitamins have already been used. For promoting the cognitive function of raw materials, drinking beverages is also a good choice.

Carbonated drinks are still a mainstream trend among young people nowadays. Functionally, although carbonated drinks have many adverse health factors, they are not entirely without benefit. A study by neuroscience experts at the University of Scotland in Glasgow found that drinking 2 carbonated drinks a day could increase the memory of a person by 20%; a survey by the University of California at Los Angeles found that people with poor sleep are fond of drinking coffee or carbonated drinks to refresh them. Then it is possible to add the functional ingredients to promote the health of the brain in carbonated beverages, and can replace the sugar or caffeine added in carbonated beverages, and the small package drinks of 250ml are easy to carry and be easy to drink.

At present, consumers are no longer concerned about the health of the body, brain and cognitive health have been included in the category of health improvement. The functional materials used for a long time, such as B vitamin B5, B6 and B12, as well as theanine and caffeine, have also been used to improve the energy and improve the memory. At the same time, consumers are no longer confined to the issue of nutritional supplements, and more hope to improve their diet in order to help promote the health of the brain and the body. This trend means that products that promote brain health will gradually become a trend in product development. In the US market, beverage drinks that promote brain health and improve cognitive functions have begun to emerge and grow rapidly; market reports on related products have not yet been reported in Europe; the quickest entry into the Japanese market, which is older and more concerned with the cognitive function of the elderly, is related to food and nutritional supplements. It is rare to drink beverages when it comes into being. To our country, the author has not yet noticed the related beverage products.

Looking forward to the future, promoting the health of the brain has become a common concern for consumers. In the trend of aging, the development of these products is more responsive to the market trend. In view of the increasingly existing "pill syndrome" and the widespread problem of dysphagia in the elderly, how to better meet the needs of consumers has become a topic of concern. Functional drinks may be a good carrier to solve the problem at the same time. How to develop these products is also dependent on the efforts of industry researchers.

February 2, 2018