Stop The Pain, The Weed Will Do It
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Twenty-sixth weeks of 2018 


Pain is one of the most common symptoms of injury or disease, and prescription drugs commonly used to relieve pain are opiates, but they are addictive, because of overuse that leads to opioid dependence.

In fact, no prescription drugs are needed, a weed can provide similar morphine analgesic effect, and no addiction. This wild grass, known as Lactuca virosa, is native to Europe and is now widely distributed in the United States. China has been briefly cultivated in Beijing area.

Wild lettuce is a close relative to the lettuce as a vegetable. It can grow to 1.2 meters tall, with yellow flowers and prickly leaves. There is a white juice out of the skin after scratching the epidermis. Pharmacological studies suggest that this juice has analgesic and sedative effects, acting directly on the central nervous system, alleviating pain sensation. In particular, wild lettuce is not addictive, nor does it have any adverse side effects such as nausea, vomiting and constipation.

As early as nineteenth Century, the analgesic properties of wild lettuce have been discovered and utilized. Since the 1970s, many people have begun to replace prescription drugs with wild lettuce, as side effects such as addiction to prescription drugs have been discovered. The results showed that the white milk of wild lettuce contained guaiacolin, eugenol glycoside, lettuce, pectinase and other components.

At present, the product has not been developed. It is used only by folk. It is used to squeeze milk from leaves and stems. It can be mixed orally with fruit juice or made into tea. Dry wild lettuce stems can also be used to fumigate or atomization for quick results. The leaves of wild lettuce can also be crushed, and their juices can be mixed with water to obtain effective extracts. [1]

Wild lettuce can also alleviate the following health problems:

1.migraine: people first used wild lettuce to relieve migraine.

2.Insomnia: Wild lettuce produces sedative effects that help to fall asleep without the addictive effects of commonly used sleep drugs.

3. anxiety: the sedative effect of wild lettuce helps relieve stress.

4.asthma and cough: wild lettuce has the properties of antitussive.

June 29, 2018