The Prevention Of Cancer Is Rarely Known
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Twenty-fifth weeks of 2018


Cancer is not far away from us, but has quietly sneaked into people's lives. Cancer is characterized by high morbidity and high mortality in China. In 2018, the National Cancer Center published the latest phase of the analysis of the incidence and death of cancer in China. On average, more than 10 thousand people were diagnosed with cancer per day in China, that is, 7 people were diagnosed as cancer per minute, among which lung cancer ranked first, and the report cited national data in 2014.

Cancer is also preventable

From the pathological point of view, normal cell mutation is a cancer cell, and it is a long process to develop cancer, so the timely diagnosis of early symptoms is of great significance to the treatment of cancer. In addition, most cancers are caused by poor living habits and dietary patterns, such as long term perm and smoked food, which easily cause cancer of the esophagus; long-term smoking, exposure to fumes and air pollutants are easily caused by lung cancer; a large diet and intake of aflatoxin may lead to liver cancer.

In May 2018, the World Cancer Research Foundation (WCRF) and the American Cancer Institute (AICR) published a report on lifestyle and cancer prevention in May 2018 after a comprehensive review of 51 million people worldwide, including 3 million 500 thousand cancer patients, and the United States Cancer Research Institute (AICR), covering life, nutrition, weight, and exercise style factors. The latest research on the impact of cancer risk.

It is estimated that nearly 2 million people in the United States were diagnosed with certain kinds of cancer in 2018. These sobering statistics have prompted many medical professionals to seek better cancer treatments by improving certain drugs or radiation treatments. In the field of anticancer therapy, a field that has long been neglected and studied is natural nutrients. In recent years, research on the prevention and suppression of cancer degradation by natural nutrients has been confirmed by animal and clinical studies, including silymarin, curcumin, lycopene, extract of hemp, green tea extract and so on.

A new anticancer substance: Hemp extract

Recently, the extract of hemp is known for its treatment of epilepsy in children, which is a disease that can not be cured. Although the pharmaceutical industry has tried to hide the medical value of fire from the public eye, there is still a large number of consumers interested in the treatment of cancer.

Generally, the traditional treatment of cancer is easy to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), but it is determined that the severity and aggression of cancer depend on chromosome testing. In the oncology case report, a 14 year old girl with an acute lymphoblastic leukemia with a Philadelphia chromosome mutation has been considered a failure after 34 months of cancer standard treatment, including bone marrow transplantation, active chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Oncologists and hematologists pointed out that her cancer is incurable and she has advanced malignant diseases.

Palliative care (also known as hospice care) is the only choice for doctors. The 14 year old patient began oral cannabinoid extract because there was no alternative alternative to conventional treatment. As reported in the case report, the resinoid extract of the cannabinoid is used as an effective treatment for positive Philadelphia chromosome mutations in acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and is also a sign of control of dose dependent diseases.

After 78 days of treatment, it is obvious that hemp extract can prevent the progression of cancer. Unfortunately, the patient died of bleeding due to intestinal perforation, and the initial 34 months of active treatment had a persistent negative impact. It is possible that if the patient had been treated with fire anesthesia from the start, instead of toxic chemotherapy and radiation, it would have been different now.

Standard cancer treatments often damage human organs beyond repair. Many patients switch to the use of hemp to relieve pain after routine treatment, such as failure of chemotherapy. Earlier in 2018, a 52-year-old woman from Britain (Smith) came out to speak openly about how sesame oil cured her advanced gastric and bowel cancer. When her cancer was first diagnosed, doctors said they had only six weeks to live.

Many of her tumors were thought to be unable to be operated on, so the doctor advised her to use the peripherally inserted central venous catheter (PICC) at the site of chemotherapy, which the doctor claimed would prolong her life, but the fact was that the patient had septicemia and the device had to be removed. After the failure of chemotherapy, Smith began to take sesame oil with the help of his friends. Two years later, her condition was completely relieved, and eventually the cancer was almost completely gone.

In addition, there are more cases of cancer patients receiving oral hemp extract relief.

June 22, 2018