Beta Glucan, The Horn Of The Nation's Immune Health
- May 04, 2018 -

18 weeks of 2018


At the end of 2016, a survey by Mint showed that Chinese consumers are more willing to believe that health claims are improving immunity, so there are more health products in the net to improve immunity, followed by weight loss and vitamin supplements.

Although immune health products are easy to sell, it is not easy to persuade consumers to often buy such products, because no one discusses the effects of these ingredients on a disease. Of course, the basic function of the immune system is to resist diseases caused by foreign bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. For vendors in the market of immune health products, finding a good balance between disease free declarations and product effects is still tricky.

How to solve a difficult problem

Influenced by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, most of the early products of health care products in China are the form of wine. With the further development, capsules, tablets and powder have become the mainstream in recent years. The main raw materials are Ganoderma lucidum, ginseng, royal jelly, bovine colostrum, vitamins and so on. These materials have limitations in adding products, and are not suitable for all people. In recent years, with the development of new raw materials, probiotics, antioxidants, and beta glucan have become the focus of immunological health.

Beta glucan (Beta-Glucan) is a polysaccharide formed by the polymerization of D- glucose. These natural polysaccharides are found on the cell walls of cereal, bacteria and fungi. It can be extracted from yeast, oat, barley, highland barley, mushroom and so on. Yeast beta glucan and oat beta glucan have attracted much attention and can be regarded as the "double stars" in dextran products.

The yeast beta glucan is the main body of beta -1,3- glycosides, and contains some branched chains of beta -1,6 glycoside bonds. The special bonding mode and the existence of intramolecular hydrogen bonds cause a spiral molecular structure. This special configuration is easily accepted by the immune system. Beta glucan from oats and other cereals has a positive effect on lowering blood cholesterol and stabilizing blood sugar levels and heart health.

Activating immune cells and promoting immune health -- yeast beta glucan

Yeast beta glucan is a water-insoluble branching polymer, the main chain is combined with beta -1,3 glycoside, and the branched chain is combined with beta -1,6 glycosides, which accounts for 30% ~ 35% of the dry weight of yeast cell wall, three strand helix form, and the molecular weight range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Its enhanced immunity is accomplished by activating the immune system. Yeast beta glucan is not hydrolyzed by acid or enzyme in the stomach and intestines, but by macrophages on the mucous cells of the small intestine, a white cell that plays an extensive role in protecting and enhancing the immune system, and absorbs beta glucan through beta glucan receptor, followed by beta glucan. These cells are activated immediately. Beta -1,3-D- glucan protects the body from possible health hazards by stimulating macrophages. Macrophages are a class of major cells involved in non-specific immunity. It can devour foreign particles and destroy them. Macrophages also provide signals to other immune cells, such as B cells and T cells, so that they can move to infected places. It can also produce growth factors to repair damaged tissue.

Because of its significant immune regulation, anti infection and other functions, yeast beta glucan is mainly used in health food, dairy industry and functional food and beverage industry. As a new functional ingredient, various health functions are given to the product.

Application of yeast beta glucan in health food

The use of yeast beta glucan in health products has been relatively mature, health products have functional publicity, high value-added, and can better support the use of yeast beta glucan. At present, there are a lot of related products in the world.

In terms of food and beverage, yeast beta glucan has been applied to functional foods, infant formula milk powder, functional drinks and many other products.

The laws and regulations are constantly improved, and the prospects for the application of products are considerable

China is the main raw material supplier of beta glucan. With the boost of production enterprises, yeast beta glucan is approved as new food raw material in China in CFDA2010. The Ministry of Health announced on 2012 sixth of the Ministry of health, approved yeast beta glucan as a new variety of food additives, functional category as nutritional fortifier, application range to larger infant formula food Products and infant formula milk powder. In October 2016, the national food safety risk assessment center sought advice on the expanded scope of yeast beta glucan, which included infant formula food, infant auxiliary food and special medical formula food.

At present, the internationally known yeast beta glucan supplier Kerry's product Wellmune is widely used in more than 60 foods and beverages worldwide. Although our yeast beta glucan has the identity of new food raw materials, nutritional fortifier and so on, but the terminal products are very few. With the increasing emphasis on immune health, the application of yeast beta glucan products will be more and more widely accepted by suppliers and terminal manufacturers.

Blow the horn of immune health

In addition to yeast beta glucan, what is the efficacy and market application of beta glucan derived from oats, highland barley and mushrooms? What will be the future of beta glucan in dairy products, functional foods, beverages and other industries? We raise the "beta glucan" banner and blow the horn of Chinese people's immune health, and let the sound of beta glucan spread over all aspects of the health industry. In July, 27 - 28, Xining, Qinghai, we are not scattered.

On the road of "healthy China and healthy people", on the road of vigorous development, how to truly contribute to the health of our consumers, save the time and energy of the healthy product development enterprise, and select the professional media platform of the global functional raw material market for more than ten years. 2-3 new functional materials with great potential are selected, and a 360 degree evaluation meeting with "evaluation of family life", "evaluation of skill", "evaluation of beauty" and "evaluation potential" is a "pragmatic posture" for the group to promote the whole health product chain, and it is also direct to precision nutrition and individualization. The professional starting point of the development of nutritional products. Beta glucan, the value of geometry, wait for you to see!

May 4, 2018