Flavor Tea Is The Breath Of Nature And Exotic Atmosphere
- Apr 06, 2018 -

14 weeks of 2018


Tea is a medicinal beverage that can be traced back to thousands of years ago. Although tea and water are a familiar drink, healthy consumers are looking for a non hydrated drink rather than a carbonated drink or a high calorie drink.

80% of consumers think they are "tea drinkers". However, the more adventurous modern people are not so easy to satisfy, and a simple green tea or black tea can't kill them at all. Datassential's market survey data showed that between 2013 and 2017, the number of people choosing to choose rose flavored tea increased by 96%, while the choice of lemon grass flavored tea increased by 227%, amazing. - Mintel survey data

It is worth noting that herbal and plant flavored tea drinks have gradually become the main force in the tea industry, such as Synergy Flavors, Gold Coast Ingredients and Kerry Ingredients, which have updated different tastes and innovative products in the increasingly crowded tea market.

When it comes to herbal tea, we should not be unfamiliar, because in ancient times, tea had the function of Chinese herbal medicine. For example, in the Han Dynasty, Zhang Zhongjing, the "medical saint", said: "tea is effective in treating pus and blood." Until now, we still use tea to treat instant and enteritis habits. In the "Tang Ben Cao", we also mentioned that tea tastes bitter and bitter, cold and non-toxic, eliminating phlegm heat, eliminating persistent food and urinating. Li Shizhen also likes drinking tea very much. Every time he has new tea, he has to drink several bowls. He wrote in the Compendium of Materia Medica: bitter and cold tea, Yin in the shade, sink and fall, the most able to reduce the fire. Fire is a hundred diseases, and the fire will fall. But the fire has five times. Those who are poor and strong, who are healthy in stomach, are rich in heart, lung, spleen and stomach, so they are suitable for tea.

Beverage technology experts revealed that the millennial generation had a unique preference for tea drinking, a preference that promoted the innovation of flavored tea products. Millennials, known as "experience collectors", like to taste different kinds of innovative tea drinks, which make the tea business change from the traditional taste to a new generation of taste, taste and nutrition and combination, which is the most interesting of the millennial generation. It includes organic black tea, Sicily lemon & honeysuckle, organic black tea, wild blackberry & salvia, organic black tea, summer orange, organic orange flavor and so on. It's all a compelling combination of imagination.

However, this trend does not mean that consumers have completely bid farewell to traditional tea flavors, and the popular flavors such as peach, strawberry and blueberry are still popular with consumers. People who drink tea often like the simple taste from nature, but the combination of old and new tastes can also easily attract more consumers, such as mango and turmeric combinations, the collection of peaches and roses, and combinations of lavender and vanilla.

In order to give more health benefits to tea, Jiang Huang has become a sweet potato, such as Jiang Huang and hibiscus, which not only has the taste and fragrance of the "nature" that consumers want, but also the health benefits can not be underestimated.

But the match of the taste is not a simple thing, the customer often wants to customize the taste, and it takes more time and expertise to match a particular taste. Before that, the new taste needs to be approved and professional analysis.

Many manufacturers can develop the taste of most consumers, and the difficulty is finally finding out the expectations of consumers for fresh and adventure flavors. Developers must spend time and energy, first develop a gold standard taste, and then turn it into the taste of consumers.

In addition, some popular functional components may increase additional burden and require experienced technical experts to deal with these problems. As developers add more and more functional ingredients, such as turmeric, they cause turbid, precipitated and unwanted bitterness.

There is still a lot of possibility that tea drinks, tea - free, tea - free, and tea - based latte are all possible to be the next new product. For example, the rapid rise of the latte has paved the way for the turmeric latte, and the India tea latte, the black tea latte, and the turmeric latte have already appeared on the market. Next, there are new products such as sweet potato latte, cocoa latte, tea and cocoa latte and radish latte.

The good news is that globalization and the growing "multicultural" population have made foreign flavor and spices easier to obtain. For consumers who want to drink "different flavors" or "natural" tea drinks, their wishes are easier to achieve.

April 6, 2018