The Ultimate Goal Of Weight Management Is Health
- Jan 19, 2018 -

3 weeks of 2018


1. weight management is a trend and a demand

ADM product development & Daniel Eder, an expert in the field of weight management, says that there are many nutrition related trends driving innovation in weight management products. There is a growing demand for high protein, high fiber, sugar or low fat products, as well as more natural product trends, including clean labels, vegetarians and strict vegetarian choices. Food producers need to develop products that meet the needs of many consumers, not just a few needs.

Besides, corporate reputation and transparency are the key trends that can not be ignored in weight management products, because consumers expect clean labels, natural and complete products. In fact, even for the entire nutrition industry, natural and clean labels are inseparable.

Microbiome is a hot topic in recent years, and gradually penetrated into the field of weight management. Unfortunately, the technology has not made much breakthroughs. But scientists are studying how gut bacteria affect changes in the brain.

Beneo (Beneo) Anke Sentko, vice president of regulatory affairs and nutrition exchange, revealed that research has provided new insights into the links between the two, revealing the beneficial effects of inulin fiber on food intake, thanks to its probiotic fermentation characteristics and interaction through the brain axis and the brain. The results show that the short chain fatty acids formed during the fermentation of inulin fibers have a positive effect on the satiety of the brain, thereby reducing the appetite of the human body and the subsequent intake of food.

The researchers suggest that although reports on fasting and weight loss are frequently seen in newspapers, people still need to perform healthy diet and exercise to manage their weight.

2. functional raw materials and product innovation

In the current field of weight management, innovation continues. For example, ID Nutra launched a product called SatiPlus, which added good ingredients to the convenient product formula. It is reported that the company attaches great importance to three aspects in the product development process: Recipes, combinations and packaging methods.

DuPont Co recently launched a prebiotic HOWARU Shape for weight management. De Stefano, the company's head of the company, explains that the product is ideal for a brand that wants to help consumers to naturally control weight, which is synthesized by a unique probiotic (B420) and probiotics (polyglucose). Clinical studies have proved that it can keep the size of the waist. In a double - blind, six - month, placebo - controlled trial, the subjects' total fat decreased by 4.5%, the body fat decreased by 6.7%, and the waist circumference decreased by 2.6 centimeters.

The advantage of the product, DeStefano says, is that it does not change people's diet or exercise habits, and does not add stimulants. Consumers will also have a sense of returning to themselves while controlling weight and improving body composition (the proportion of muscles and fat). This is "natural weight loss" and the correct opening of weight control. Type. It is reported that DuPont will still use probiotics and prebiotics, or even more components, in future research and development.

ADM aims to help weight control manufacturers solve market challenges while achieving the desired taste, nutrition, label and cost control. For example, the company's fibro sol, a plant soluble dietary fiber component, can increase the fiber content of the product, but it avoids the common defects of the high fiber and can also bring additional health benefits. In addition, the fiber sol can also be used in conjunction with ADM soy protein chips to reduce the use of carbohydrates in protein bars and other applications.

ADM also provides a combination of plant protein, which is said to provide at least 90% of the protein and includes common medium - sized soy protein in the market. This product can be used to increase protein content in a variety of body weight management applications, including beverages, nutritive rods, and dairy products.

After ADM's acquisition of Chamtor, the product type is further expanded, such as Nutriance, a wheat protein concentrate that can be used in drinks, nutritious rods, and dietary alternatives. Eder revealed that ADM can also provide a wider range of sweetener solutions, combined with its already owned portfolio, to increase the use of some new materials. This means that they can provide manufacturers with a toolbox to meet the needs of consumers.

3. health is the goal of weight control

Attention and the most easily overlooked is that health is always the ultimate goal of weight management, not just maintaining the so-called forehead figure. When a person wants to keep healthy, he can avoid overweight. At the same time, he should pay attention to the problem of obesity in children and avoid overnutrition. So it can be said that weight balance needs help from people's food and health products.

For this reason, Beneo argues that it is time to discuss obesity related issues such as diabetes, heart disease, social status and so on, and that the European Commission is responsible for supporting the food industry to develop bilateral projects from a more practical point of view, including more consumer trends, product development and scientific research.

Nelson believes that the current society is a "overweight" society, which is unquestionable fact, and science can not solve all problems. More solutions must come from the industry itself, but some SMEs have limited investment in the field of innovation.

January 19, 2018