The Nice Hopes Of New Year In 2019
- Jan 04, 2019 -

1 weeks of 2018

wish 1

Another year of the pig, the beginning of the new year. There are three wishes.

1. Want to have a yard. See the flowers blossom and fall in leisure. Walk the dog and tease the cat.

2. Want to have a company in the Europe. Extend plant extracts to the world.

3. Want to lose 10KG. Get slimmer.

People's souls are always unable to keep up with the pace of the body in the roar of light, wine and green. The rhythm is fast enough to get up early every day, to say good morning to your lover, to give each other a hug, and the extravagant hours after tea and dinner all change. In the endless work, people always yearn for a slow time, leisurely and indifferent life, and a balanced life, so slow and beautiful, a little leisure and a little lazy, is an ideal state of beauty.

In good times, there is no lack of human fireworks, and the dream of fireworks, often makes people delusion back to the homeland that has changed shape, make a cup of green tea, spend the whole evening in the fragrance of tea, watch the stars in the yard, keep a yard of flowers, four seasons, seasonal fragrance of flowers, keep a lazy cat, a lovely dog, play among flowers. When I am free, I have a few drinks with my friends. When I am drunk, I sit in front of the flowers. When I wake up, I fall asleep. In the early morning, I look out at the window. The wind is light and cloudy. The smoke is also dim and clear. The distant mountains are green as green, the rivers are clear as jade belts, the mountains are bright and the waters are beautiful, which makes people forget their worries. The happiest thing is to wash your hands to make soup and cook delicious dishes. The family sits around the table making dumplings, laughing and laughing. They are happy and happy. When the dumplings come out of the pot, the steaming life should be like this. But Tianlun's happiness is just like this.

No need to face the sea, there are spring blossoms, the front courtyard and backyard, watering, fertilizing, carefully managing branches and leaves... In every bright spring afternoon, listen to the breeze whispers, such as drinking tea; picking seasonal vegetables in each season, cooking delicious food for family, although simple and ordinary, but it is rare ease.

Balanced life, wrapped in the light fireworks of my hometown, is very slow, very warm, day by day, year by year...

January 4, 2019