New Year's Day
- Jan 02, 2019 -

Legend goes that more than 4000 years ago, when the ancient Yao and Shun flourished, The emperor Yao was diligent for the people, did a lot of good things for the people, and he is loved by the majority of the people. but talent of his son is not very good, he did not pass the "son of heaven" throne to his son,  It was passed on to Shun, who had both virtue and ability.Yao said to Shun, " New Year's day, you must pass on the throne well from now on.When I die I will be at peace". Later, Shun handed the throne to Yu, who had done great service in flood control. Like Shun, Yu loved the people and did many good deeds for the people. Later, people put Yao died, Shun emperor worship heaven and earth and the first emperor Yao that day, as the beginning of the year, the first day of the first month known as the "New Year's day".