Beadlet Capsules
- Jan 11, 2019 -

2 Weeks of 2019


In recent years, a health food formulation called Beadlet Capsules has become popular in foreign countries. This transparent capsule is filled with small spherical particles. Once it is popularized in the market, related products are popular with consumers and also attract the attention of investment companies. So what is its attraction? In short, it has the following advantages:            

1. Customization and Unique Appearance (Various Colors to Choose)            

2. Good bioavailability-human absorption            

3. Suitable for dry capsules or liquid filled capsules, with a wide range of applications.            

4. Provide control, extension or slow release of specific raw materials  

One of the most important characteristics of particulate formulation products is that it can implement "customized release of nutrient raw materials", whether slow release or controlled release, to maximize the absorption of products by the human body. Beadlet technology is a common way to solve the bioavailability of raw materials. This double-layer embedding granular product can solve the application problems of functional factors such as flake dyeing and poor compressive resistance, such as carotenoids and vitamins.            

It is reported that the company has used food ingredient-grade embedding materials, using unique embedding technology to produce Beadlets double-layer embedding natural carotenoid microparticles products, mainly lutein, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, etc., all using plant sources, no gelatin, uniform particle size, no dust. In addition, a series of particulate products of beta-carotene have been developed with unique production technology, which have good fluidity and stability.   

As a new product formulation, microcapsules have never been paid attention to and used before. However, current consumers like new things, if they can attract their attention, enterprises are willing to try. Interestingly, there are numerous customizable changes in the size and color of particles that can be produced according to the needs of different consumers.

January 11, 2019