Basil Seed Beverage
- Feb 01, 2019 -

5 weeks of 2019


McCormick's favorite plant seed is basil seed. Basil seeds, also known as orchid seeds and southern eyebrow seeds, originated in India. They have been cultivated and eaten since the ancient civilization of Azdika 3500 AD. They are used by indigenous people to increase physical strength and endurance.

Basil seed has the functions of detoxification, clearing away heat, invigorating spleen, nourishing stomach, reducing weight and health care. It was once considered as a rare herbal medicine in Southeast Asia. Ellen Benett explains that Basil seeds have a texture and taste similar to Chia seeds, are rich in protein and dietary fiber, and exist in a liquid form that is easily absorbed by the human body. This means that it can be added to juices, desserts and puffed foods.

The early famous Basil brand was ZenBasil, which launched a basil seed drink that claimed to replenish water for the body, soul and movement process. But Ellen says salad dishes, yogurt and pasta are also good places for basil seeds.

February 1, 2019