Enna Leaf Extract

Enna Leaf Extract

‎Enna Leaf Extract Latin Name: Sennae Folium Appearance:Brown Yellow Powder Spe: 20% Sennosides Used Part:Leave Test Method: HPLC Sieve Analysis: Pass 100mesh Shelf Life: 2 years

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Senna leaves are dried lobes of the leguminous herb Cassia angustifolia Vahl and Cassia acutifolia Delile. It is native to foreign countries, and it is also introduced and cultivated in Guangdong, Hainan and Yunnan. Senna plants can produce many economically valuable compounds. In addition to diarrhea, some senna leaves have antibacterial, antibiotic and antidote effects.

1 treatment of constipation. 

2 treats acute and chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis,  

  cholelithiasis,and urinary calculi. 

3 treats bacterial dysentery. 

4 treats peptic ulcer bleeding. 

5 treats chronic renal failure. 

6 is used for abdominal X-ray examination, colonoscopy, and

  as a bowel cleansing agent before surgery.

 Applied in the field of Pharmaceutical


1kg/bag,5kg/bag,or 25kg/drum,or as customer required.

1KG : Double pharma-grade polybag inside,sealed Aluminum foil bag outside;

5KG : Double pharma-grade polybag inside,Hardboard cartons outside;

25KG: Double pharma-grade polybag inside,Hardboard drum outside. 

Drum size: 38CM*38CM*51CM/25kg , Drum Net Weight: 2.5KG

Shipping: By TNT/DHL/EMS/FEDEX or BY Air/ Sea as per QTY.

Shelf Life: 24 months when properly stored.

Storage: Stored in dry and cool place, keep away from strong light and heat.

Statements: Non-Irradiated, Non-GMO, Non-Allergen.


Free sample(20g or enough to detection) and Unconditional assume respons.

100% Natural product, without any synthetize ingredient.

Manufacturer direct supply, provide OEM, R&D service.



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