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Xi'an QinMing Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. is a leading company devoted to providing worldwide customers of natural botanical ingredient research and development,manufacture and sale. Nate company is located in High-Technology industrial development zone,relying on high-tech development zone technology advantage, and make full use of natural plant resources of the Qinling mountain, form the enterprise's own characteristic and advantage. and has been established stable trade relationship with customers over 40 countries in the world.

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We specialized in manufacturing Plant extracts and Herbal medicine raw materials, Our company with the rich-experienced and professional R&D team, with full equipped quality assurance system, and according to the strict quality control standards for production and testing.We devote to providing not only Chinese herb extract but efficient way of use. Our products range from Plant Extracts,Mushroom Extract,Chlorogenic Acid Powder, Grass Powder, Fruit Powder,Vegetable Powder etc.

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We are according to customer demand as the core, to provide accurate sales consulting, high-quality after-sales service. We believe that natural extract active ingredients is the basis of present and future human health, we pursue "Natural, Green, Healthy", and scientific and effective to provide suitable products for the customer, to create better life for each person.we appreciate any inquiry from you, Please feel free to contact us.

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"Quality first, quality pursuit" is our product purpose, a company, in the final analysis, the product is the fundamental thing, product quality, whether there are repeat customers also determines whether the company can be sustainable development for a long time. Therefore, we will do a good job of products, or that sentence, we can not fully convince people how good our own products are, so we welcome you to understand through the physical, of course, we may also have defects, but we will listen to your suggestions and make better improvements!   

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"Customer first, honesty and efficiency" is the purpose of our service, because we think that an enterprise, in addition to quality must be excellent, service is also very important. Therefore, we do our best to train sales managers, including their expertise in answering products and their due diligence towards customers. Customers are God. That's a very correct statement. So, if you have any questions or requests, we will try our best to help you solve them. We believe that word of mouth can be communicated to each other. We may not be able to satisfy everyone, but we will try our best. Do your best to do products and services.