About Us

Xi'an QinMing Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading company devoted to providing worldwide customers of natural botanical ingredient research and development,manufacture and sale.

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  • Our Vision

    Use our expertise to help customers solve problems and achieve self value. Popularize plant extracts to all over the world !

  • Our Quality

    Do not do fake goods and inferior goods, talk about integrity, step by step, do quality boutique.

  • Our Promise

    According to your test results, you can return the goods within one year, whichever is your requirement. If you choose to cooperate with us, you will never worry about it.

  • Our Services

    Provide reports of major testing institutions according to customer needs. Establish a customer experience assessment system. Forever customer first

From the News & Knowledge


  • Chlorogenic Acid Powder Chlorogenic Acid Powder

    Chlorogenic acid is a benzene compound produced by plants in the process of aero

  • Grass Powder Grass Powder

    Wheat powder is a pure natural food, without any harmful side effects, and can s

  • Mushroom Powder Mushroom Powder

    Mushroom polysaccharides are water-soluble protein polysaccharides extracted fro

  • Tea Powder Tea Powder

    Green tea products have good antioxidant and sedative effects, can reduce fatigu

  • Lose Weight Powder Lose Weight Powder

    A product that has the effect of losing weight. It can effectively reduce weight

  • OPC Powder OPC Powder

    Anthocyanins are water-soluble natural pigments widely found in plants in nature